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VALCANOES Essay Example For Students

VALCANOES Essay Fountain of liquid magma This paper will characterize and talk about the spring of gushing lava to include: kinds of volcanoes, development of a well of lava, and components of a spring of gushing lava, for example, magma, rock sections, and gas. This paper likewise enlightens a tad concerning volcanic action in various pieces of the world. What is a fountain of liquid magma? A spring of gushing lava is a vent in the earth from which liquid stone and gas emit. The liquid stone that ejects from the fountain of liquid magma frames a slope or mountain around the vent. The magma may stream out as a thick fluid or it might detonate from the vent as strong or fluid particles. Sorts of Volcanic Materials Three essential materials that may emit from a spring of gushing lava are; 1. magma, 2. rock sections, and 3. gas. Magma Lava is the name for magma that has been discharged onto the Earths surface. At the point when magma goes to the Earths surface, it is scorching and may have temperatures of in excess of 2012 degrees Fahrenheit. We will compose a custom exposition on VALCANOES explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now Liquid magma streams quickly down a fountains of liquid magma slants. Clingy magma streams all the more gradually. As the magma cools, it might solidify into various arrangements. Profoundly liquid magma solidifies into smooth, collapsed sheets of rock called pahoehoe. Stickier magma cools into harsh, rugged sheets of rock called aa. Pahoehoe and aa spread huge territories of Hawaii, where the terms started. The stickiest magma structures streams of stones and rubble called square streams. It might likewise shape hills of magma called vaults. Other magma arrangements are splash cones and magma tubes. Scatter cones are steep slopes that can get up to 100 feet high. They develop from the scatter of spring like ejections of thick magma. Magma tubes are burrows shaped from liquid magma. As the magma streams, its outside covering cools and solidifies. Be that as it may, the magma underneath keeps on streaming. After the streaming magma depletes away, it leaves a passage. Rock Fragments Rock section are generally called tephra and are framed from clingy magma. This magma is clingy to such an extent that its gas can not effectively get away from when the magma moves toward the surface or focal vent. At long last, the caught gas develops so much weight that it shoots the magma into sections. Tephra comprises of volcanic residue, volcanic debris, and volcanic bombs, (from littlest to biggest size molecule). Volcanic residue comprises of particles short of what one-hundredth inch in measurement. Volcanic residue can be conveyed for huge spans. In 1883, the emission of Krakatau in Indonesia shot residue 17 miles into the air. The residue was hefted around the Earth a few times and created splendid red dusks in numerous pieces of the world. A few researchers expect enormous amounts of volcanic residue can influence the atmosphere by lessening the measure of daylight that arrives at the Earth. Volcanic debris is comprised of pieces short of what one fifth inch in breadth. About all volcanic debris tumbles to the surface and gets welded together as rock called volcanic tuff. Here and there, volcanic debris consolidates with water in a stream and structures a bubbling mudflow. Mudflows may accelerates to 60 miles for every hour and can be strikingly breaking. Volcanic bombs are enormous pieces. A large portion of them run from the size of a baseball to the size of a b-ball. The biggest bombs can match multiple feet across and weigh up to 100 short tons. Little volcanic bombs are for the most part called ashes. Gas spills out of volcanoes in huge amounts during practically all emissions. The gas is made up especially of steam, yet may likewise incorporate carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and different gases. A large portion of the steam originates from a springs of gushing lava magma, however some steam may likewise be created when rising magma warms water in the ground. 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The magma that streams from shield volcanoes is normally just one to ten meters thick, however the magma may reach out for significant stretches from the vent. The volcanoes of Hawaii and Iceland are ordinary shield volcanoes. Magma with high gas substance and high viscosities are generally more touchy than the magma that s treams from shield volcanoes. This gas-rich magma in numerous events is blown extremely high into the air during an emission. The magma falls as volcanic bombs, which gather around the vent and structure steep-sided yet moderately little ash cones. volcanic bombs go in size from fine-grained debris to house-size squares. Ash cones most regularly comprise of volcanic sections anyplace from debris to little rock size which is under three centimeters in measurement. The vast majority of the tallest volcanoes are composite volcanoes, which are additionally called stratovolcanoes. These structure a pattern of calm emissions of liquid magma followed by touchy ejections of thick magma. The liquid magma makes a disintegration safe shell over the unstable flotsam and jetsam, which structures, solid, steep-sided volcanic cones. Before, goliath emissions of very familiar basaltic magma from broad frameworks of crevices in the Earth have happened. These arrangement of emissions shaped enormous levels of basaltic magma. In India, the Deccan basalts spread 260,000 square kilometers, and in Oregon and Washington the Columbia Plateau basalts spread around 130,000 square kilometers. No emissions of this degree have ever been seen during recorded occasions. Significantly increasingly voluminous collections of basaltic magma, in any case, are as of now being framed at the mid-sea edges. How a fountain of liquid magma is shaped The Beginning A spring of gushing lava starts as magma inside the Earth. This magma is made from extraordinary temperatures in the Earths inside. Most magma structures 50 to 100 miles underneath the Earths surface. Some magma creates at profundities of 15 to 30 miles underneath the Earths surface. The magma, which is currently loaded up with gas from joining with the other stone inside the Earth, logically ascends toward the Earths surface since it is less thick than the strong stone around it. As the magma rises, it liquefies holes in the encompassing stone and structures a huge room as close as two miles to the surface. The magma room that is shaped is the repository from which volcanic materials eject. The Eruption The gas-filled magma in the store is presently under extraordinary tension from the heaviness of the strong stone around it. the weight makes the gas impact or dissolve a divert in a cracked or debilitated piece of the stone. The magma currently travels through the channel to the surface. At the point when the magma gets close to the surface, the gas in the magma is discharged. The gas and magma impact out an opening called the focal vent. A large portion of the magma and other volcanic materials at that point eject through this vent. The materials continuously heap up around the vent, and structure a volcanic mountain, or a fountain of liquid magma. After the emission stops, a bowllike hole as a rule structures at the highest point of the fountain of liquid magma. The vent lies at the base of the hole. When a fountain of liquid magma has shaped, not all the magma from later emissions arrives at the surface through the focal vent. As the magma rises, some of it might get through the channel divider and branch out into littler diverts in the stone. The magma in these channels may escape through a vent made in the side of the fountain of liquid magma, or it might rest beneath the surface. Volcanoes are wondrous and astonishing. .u96da93c2aaa94e91001dbb46c3d030a7 , .u96da93c2aaa94e91001dbb46c3d030a7 .postImageUrl , .u96da93c2aaa94e91001dbb46c3d030a7 .focused content territory { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u9

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Great Italian Cuicine Without Wait free essay sample

It required a local road for development. Alessio had convinced Porcini’s senior administrators to consider opening restricted menu outlets, Porcini’s â€Å"Pronto,† to serve interstate expressway explorers. Most contenders serving this market were inexpensive food or low-end outlets. Alessio accepted that Pronto could offer a quality distinction that explorers would esteem, however the difficulties were considerable. Could Pronto’s gainfully give a restricted choice of Porcini’s standard menu at moderate costs without imperiling the company’s notoriety for amazing food? Might it be able to keep up Porcini’s broadly high help measures? Would it be able to gainfully break into a market involved by built up contenders? Food and administration quality were just two parts of the test. Porcini’sâ€a moderate developing, secretly held enterpriseâ€would need to reveal its new cafés rapidly so as to build up itself as a ground-breaking brand. With restricted capital and access to prime land locales, in any case, that appeared to be impossible except if it received either a diversifying or a syndication model of possession. We will compose a custom article test on Incredible Italian Cuicine Without Wait or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The first took a chance with the company’s quality notoriety; the second may deliver a pace of development that the organization was sick prepared to deal with. Working with VP of Operations Kurt Jensen, HR executive Wanda Halloran, and Chief Chef Mariana Molise, Alessio had portrayed out strategies for encouraging Pronto’s quality objectives. These incorporated an inventive procedure for choosing, assessing, and compensating workers, and the utilization of remote innovation to take out time from client charging. In the mean time, Chef Molise had started defining menu things for â€Å"great Italian food without the pause. † In Alessio’s mind, all pieces of the Pronto conceptâ€service quality, food quality, valuing, marking, area, and possession formâ€had to be facilitated and commonly strong. Copyright  © 2011 President and Fellows of Harvard College. To arrange duplicates or solicitation consent to imitate materials, call 1-800-545-7685, compose Harvard Business Publishing, Boston, MA 02163, or go to http://www. hbsp. harvard. edu. This distribution may not be digitized, copied, or in any case duplicated, posted, or transmitted, without the consent of Harvard Business School. 4277 | Porcini’s Pronto: â€Å"Great Italian food without the pause! † Company Background Porcini’s, Inc. , had started in 1969 as a family-claimed café in Boston’s North Endâ€a to a great extent Italian-American neighborhood. Throughout the following two decades it opened new Porcini’s eateries in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Providence and Newport, Rhode Island, and Hartford, Connecticut. In 1989, the family (the Ventolas) offered a controlling enthusiasm for the undertaking to a gathering of private speculators. The new administration extended to various midtown and shopping center areas in the northeastern United States, contending with identically estimated full-administration eatery networks. With the exception of during the downturn of 2008â€2009, Porcini’s had expanded incomes and profit each year. By yearend 2010, Porcini’s, Inc. , worked 23 areas, utilized 954 eople (some low maintenance), and produced $94. 3 million in incomes. Its overall revenue had ascended to 4% from under 3% the prior year. Indeed, even the same number of contenders were enduring, Porcini’s was progressing nicely. The company’s senior officials credited Porcini’s accomplishment to con sistently great food and administration at every area. That quality could be followed to the long understanding of individual café chiefs, administrative staff, and gourmet specialists, a generally steady workforce, and to the plans of Chef Mariana Molise, who had won the pined for James Beard grant while running the kitchen at New York’s Catania Grille. On joining the organization in 2006, Molise applied her culinary standards to Porcini’s less-expensive menu and by and by prepared each outlet’s gourmet specialist in her â€Å"flash cooking† procedures. Her mark vitello ala Mariana and skillet singed scallops with mushrooms had become top picks all through the chain. â€Å"Twenty-three restaurants,† one eatery pundit told perusers, â€Å"and every make nearly everything without any preparation, utilizing new fixings and shrewd introductions. † And yet the normal dish cost just a few dollars more than those of Olive Garden’s, a close to match. Through management's eyes, regard for quality separated it from Olive Garden, and from progressively conventional contenders, for example, Unos, Bertucci’s, and Buca di Beppo. Likewise, each Porcini’s made the climate of a novel, family-possessed restaurantâ€in keeping with its North End rootsâ€unlike the â€Å"Italian topic park† environment of numerous contenders. Clients esteemed the distinction and made Porcini’s a ground-breaking territorial brand. Table assistance coordinated the food in quality; in 2010 an unmistakable New England eatery control gave Porcini’s its â€Å"Best Chain Service† grant for the fourth continuous year.

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Online and Email Customer Service

Online and Email Customer Service In the era of technology, online and email customer service has become one of the most important aspects of a business. Consumers are relying more on technology to solve problems and face-to-face customer service is becoming less relevant. © | Rawpixel.comBut what is online and email customer service all about and how can it benefit your business? This guide will answer these questions and look at the key steps you need to take in order to create a viable online and email customer service strategy.WHAT IS ONLINE AND EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE?Customer service is among the most important aspects a business needs to get right. In its essence, customer service provides your customers the full service â€" not just a good product and service, but also a quality experience before, during and after a purchase.Customer service entangles many different aspects from servicing the customer to supporting them throughout the process. In the past, most customer service dealt with face-to-face communications, with telephone and even postal support included in the service at times.With the technological revolution, customer service has changed slightly. Different online customer service methods have become increasingly i mportant in today’s world. Online customer service entails anything from email, chat, and even social media interactions. Today’s consumers are more likely to look online for support rather than visiting the physical shop to solve an issue. Therefore, it is crucial businesses pay enough attention to getting their online customer service right.Online customer service, such as email customer service, often gives businesses the ability to respond quicker and even outside of office hours. It is possible to ensure the first point of contact happens less than 24 hours from the customer contacting the business. In many instances, this is done through automated responses.If your customer is unhappy with the product and service, they are likely to contact you through your website, for example. Instead of having to wait long for a physical response, your business could respond with an email to explain the process. Even though this doesn’t necessarily solve the issue straight away, it gi ves the customer a sense you’re working towards a solution.Perhaps the most important thing with online and especially with email customer service is the ability to strike a balance with automated and real responses. You cannot rely solely on generic messaging, as customers still seek personal contact with companies.WHY SHOULD A BUSINESS HAVE AN ONLINE AND EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE?If your business has a good customer service record with the traditional methods of customer support, you might wonder why you should add an online customer service to your strategy. But as mentioned above, today’s business can benefit greatly from online services and customer service is definitely among these reasons.The increasing use of technology not only in products, but also during the purchasing process has increased the need for good online customer service. Online shopping itself has grown rapidly in recent years. It is estimated that online shopping retail sales will near $370 billion by 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012.In addition, customers are more likely to search for more information on a specific product online before a final shopping decision. According to one study, 84% of store visitors use a mobile phone during the shopping trip to find out more about the product and service.Why is this important in terms of customer service? Because 40% of customers choose companies based on their customer service and nearly the same amount of customers might switch to a competitor if the service is bad. Customer service reputation is essential because people check online reviews and make decisions based on user recommendations. In fact, nearly 70% of shoppers read reviews on social media, with over 50% of consumers now willing to share their own customer service experiences with other people.Furthermore, since customers are looking for information online, it is crucial they receive it as fast as possible. A Forrester study showed that 45% of people would simply abandon a pur chase if their queries weren’t solved quickly. For these simple queries, a good online service would be vital. Online and email customer service is the preferred method of nearly 40% of customers when it comes to simple issues.Finally, the increasing focus on customer service isn’t just something businesses and business experts are talking about. According to a Forrester survey, 63% of people believe customer service is now more important than in the past.There are nearly 4 billion email accounts in the world and 91% of consumers regularly check their email â€" in fact, they check it daily. Therefore, email customer service is among the easiest channels to reach your customers.The benefit of email and other online customer service channels comes also from the self-service aspect. Consumer behavior is changing and people are now more than happy to make their shopping experience as self-serving as possible. In just five years, consumer preference towards automated self-service has doubled to 55%. This means that instead of picking up the phone to solve problems, your customers are more likely to write an email or check with a chat function.Perhaps the most crucial reason for many businesses considering about their customer service options is the numbers behind online and email customer service. Online-based customer service can cut costs in your business because of the partial automation. Partly automated email service, for example, means you don’t need as much staff to look after the customers and you are still able to provide 24h service to your customers.THE STEPS TO CREATING A GOOD ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGYThe above should convince you of the importance of online customer service. But not all customer service is good and you need to carefully plan and execute your customer service strategy in order to enjoy the full benefits.Step 1: Ensure consistencyPerhaps the most important step to take to guarantee good online customer service is the creatio n of a culture of consistency within your different channels. This means consistency both in terms of the message as well as the quality of the service.Whether your customers are searching your website for information, contacting your email customer service or calling your customer service support directly, the message and the quality needs to be consistent. You need to make sure the online customer support team solves the problems in a similar manner to your face-to-face customer support team.Consistency ensures that when customers contact you again, they don’t notice any difference in either the message or the quality.Step 2: Provide enough training to your teamOne of the best ways to guarantee consistency is adequate training of the customer service team. If your online customer service team isn’t trained and motivated, you are unlikely to be able to provide quality customer service to your customers.First, you need to find the right customer service personnel with the correc t skills. When it comes to online customer service representatives, appropriate knowledge of IT is necessary. In addition, you want to pay attention to their customer interaction skills even if they won’t be speaking to the customers directly. You need to have people who are passionate about helping others and have empathy towards other people.Second, you need to provide enough training for your employees. Training isn’t necessary only at the start â€" you need continuous training to ensure your customer service personnel is always on top of your business. Make sure you regularly improve your customer service levels through training and different team-building exercises.Step 3: Put emphasis on speedYour online and email customer service strategy also needs to put emphasis on speed. The reason many people prefer online customer service is in fact the instant access to solutions it provides. The whole purpose of your online customer service should therefore be on solving customer problems in a timely manner.If you are using online chat options, you need to make sure response times are under a minute. For email service, you need to provide an instant automated reply to customers and make sure you reply to your customer within 24h.While speed is important, you naturally don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed. But it is a good idea to inform your customer as quickly as possible on how long you might take to fully resolve the issue and what are the reasons behind any possible delays.Step 4: Focus on securityOnline customer service shouldn’t overlook the importance of security. Whenever you are dealing with customers online, you need to make sure third parties won’t access any information they provide you with. Security is an essential part of customer service because you want your customers to trust you.Make sure you also educate your customers as part of your online and email service. For example, you should tell your customers to avoid sharing persona l information and account details on your email service and to keep their passwords hidden at all times. Make sure they understand the kind of information you are likely to ask and what sort of information they should share with you and on what channels.If you show your customers your business takes security seriously, you end up building more trust, which in turn will help you generate more business in the end.Step 5: Cut direct contact by providing enough informationYour online customer service strategy should also focus on providing customers information without necessarily having to contact your team. This is not only going to cut down costs, but it also makes customer experience quicker and smoother â€" something the modern consumer is always looking for.Your website, for example, should have a simple and easy to use FAQ page. You could even use the email service as an FAQ platform and email customers answers about the most sought questions first and then allow them to contact you for further details. You can benefit a lot more if you can solve customer problems upfront and without the need to contact you directly.Make sure you keep track of the questions and queries your customers raise. If you see a certain question popping up regularly, consider the ways you could answer it directly on your website, social media or email service.Step 6: Foster good service with a follow upOnline customer service should also focus on continued service, even after the problem has been solved. Email is a great way of doing this. If you have an online form, always ask for a customer email so you can follow up with them after they have contacted you.The follow up doesn’t need to be anything big â€" you want to provide the customer a chance to rate your customer service and to provide them details on how they can contact you in the future if more problems come up.Step 7: Improve your service by focusing on metrics and asking for feedbackFinally, a good online customer serv ice strategy must also focus on improvement. The easiest way to do this is by focusing on feedback and customer service metrics.As mentioned above, you should definitely contact your customers after they’ve dealt with the customer service department and ask for feedback. You can make this easy by sending a customer service survey or by asking them for a short review, for instance. A link to these sites at the end of on email makes it easy for the customer to provide feedback and this will help you improve your service in the future.In addition, some customer service metrics are worth focusing on with your online service. For instance, customer response times are a crucial part of ensuring your service is swift enough. You also want to measure the different channels customers use to contact you. Are you receiving most contact through chat or social media? Analytics like these help you redirect efforts and ensure your customer service is up to scratch.HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF EMAIL C USTOMER SERVICEAs well as focusing on the above steps with your online customer service, it is essential to ensure you make the most of your email communication. Many businesses overlook the effect and importance emails can have in forging good customer relations. But the emails you send to your customers can have a big impact, not just in terms of better customer service but also as a brand building method.Use emails as advertising opportunityFirst, you need to understand customer service emails aren’t only about aiding the customer with his or her queries; you can also use them as a marketing device. Naturally, your first priority is on solving the problem the customer has, but the emails you send are more than a tool to help.This means that it is important you focus on building your brand through the emails you send and provide information to the customer that could lead to new shopping decisions. It is important your customer service emails have information about your new prod uct lines, perhaps suggestions of other products the customer might use based on the query, and exclusive offers for the customer.Follow the right email etiquette Businesses are not only overlooking the power of email customer service, they are often ignoring the correct email etiquette. It is crucial to make sure your customer service emails follow the correct format.The most essential aspects of good email customer service etiquette include:Proper grammar â€" you need to make sure the language you use is free of grammar mistakes. Customers will be put off by bad language, and mistakes, so avoid them like plague.The right kind of language â€" you also need to strike a balance between a conversational tone and a professional tone. Software Advice’s survey found online customers prefer a casual tone in customer support, so you don’t want to make your emails too full of jargon and professional language. At the same time, you don’t want to fill your customer service emails with e moticons and slang, as most people won’t like this overly casual tone.Personalization finally, your customer service emails should use personalization. For example, it is a good idea to start your emails with the customer’s name and to add similar personalized features within the email. This makes the customer feel like the email isn’t just a generic response.Create emails that have an impactCustomer service emails should aim to have an impact. First, you naturally need to make sure the customer enquiry is solved in an efficient manner. But as mentioned above, you also want to ensure the email leaves a positive impact and one that might get the customer to react. How to ensure your emails have an impact? Make sure the message is clear and precise. You don’t want the email to be long and filled with information the customer wasn’t looking for in the first place.You also need to make sure there is a call to action in your email, even when it is about a customer service issu e. This could be a link to a feedback form, a link to purchase a new product or to leave a review, or just a button for directing the customer to your social media channels, for example.Focus on email templates and auto-responding messagesFinally, it is important your online customer service, especially your email service, takes advantage of automatization. The great thing about online customer service is that you don’t need the same manpower to keep it going as you do with traditional methods.Cut the response times by creating auto-responding messages. For example, the initial email your customer gets could just be a quick acknowledgement that you’ve received the enquiry and a step-by-step guide on what will happen next.The most important thing to remember with an automated customer service email is to ensure it allows for personalization and that you always follow it up with a response from the customer service team. Only use automated messages as part of your online customer service strategy â€" never rely on them solely.FINAL THOUGHTSAs consumers are turning more towards technology when it comes to purchasing decisions, online customer service will increase in relevance. Online customer service is a great channel to use when your business is looking to provide quality service in a cost effective manner.For online and email customer service to work appropriately, your business needs to focus on delivering fast, personalized and efficient service even if you won’t be dealing with the customer face-to-face. In the end, creating a strong online customer service strategy is one of the best methods of brand building and in ensuring your customers keep returning to your business.

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Understanding And Supporting Behaviour - 1726 Words

Understanding and Supporting Behaviour DJ1N 34 Outcome 1 Marianne McNeillis HNC Social Care Group B Due Date: 8/10/14 Submission Date: /10/14 Word count: 1571 Challenging behaviour can be explored in every client group however the client group explored here is older adults within informal care. Due to the Data Protection Act 1998 the name of the older adult involved in the care has been changed to Client X. Why challenging behaviour occurs can be explored and explained through many different avenues such as through the use of psychological theories and situational factors that can effect behaviour. A class discussion found a definition of challenging behaviour to be ‘Difficulty breaking though to or working with an individual/group†¦show more content†¦As a way of helping Client X she was given as much independence as possible to try and make the transition easier. As she became used to the carers coming into the house she soon became glad of the company due to being unable to get out of the house on her own. This then grew an element of trust between the client and the carer which meant that she was then more willing to participate with the carers and would communicate with them on a regular basis. Challenging behaviour can be explained through the use of psychological theories, Maslow’s theory, and his hierarchy of needs is based on motivation and that every person is driven to grow into a self-actualised person (Bingham 2009:86). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has six stages; Physiological Needs, Safety Needs, Love and Belonging Needs, Self-Esteem Needs, Fulfilment Needs and Self-actualisation. This theory relates to Client X because all her physiological needs are being met through the attention of her carers. Some of her safety needs are being met through safety of family and she has a home, however due to having to take medication every day and being unable to walk without the use of a walking aid is affecting her sufficiently meeting all of her safety needs. This would then cause Client X to display challenging behaviour because she wanted to be more independent and be able to walk withoutShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding and supporting behaviour 21825 Words   |  8 Pagesincident/ pattern of behaviour at my placement for the subject understanding and supporting behaviour. This assessment has to be handed in on the 21st of May 2013. Due to the confidentiality of the young people at Rathbone and the Data Protection Act 1998 I will refer to the particular young person who is involved in the incident as Jack. At Rathbone which is my placement there are various incidents of challenging behaviour that occur on a daily basis. One particular pattern of behaviour which is displayedRead Morelevel 3 supporting teaching learning Essay1166 Words   |  5 Pageshazards to health, safety and security of children or young people, families and other visitors and colleges. Task6: demonstrate ability to deal with hazards in the work setting or in off site visits. Task 11: give example from own practise of supporting children and young people to asses and manage risk. Assignment 4 Task 1: describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. Task 4: demonstrate the ability to reflect on practise. Task 7: demonstrate use of feedback to evaluate own performanceRead MoreM3.10 Introduction to Leadership and M3.36 Leading a Team Effectively966 Words   |  4 Pagesmeant by ‘having a common sense of purpose’ is not addressed, or is incorrect †¢ What is meant by ‘having a common sense of purpose’ is described or listed, but there is no explanation as to why ‘having a common sense of purpose’ is important for supporting the organisation or a project †¢ The key role that communication plays in establishing a common sense of purpose is not addressed, or is incorrect †¢ Communication is described, or methods of communication are listed, but there is no explanationRead MoreEssay on National Occupational Standards1021 Words   |  5 Pagesdescribe the knowledge and understanding that is required in order to be competent in a support role. In addition, the NOS are widely used in relation to training and professional development, described by the TDA as ‘supporting the learning process in schools.’ (NAPTA: 2009) NOS provide a valuable resource to schools that use them to assist in the creation of job descriptions and roles and responsibilities, as well as underpinning training, progression and supporting development needs of staffRead MorePsychology and Young People Essay1551 Words   |  7 PagesName________________________ Assessment Plan 304 Promote children and young people’s positive behaviour Evidence requirements | Complete() | 1.Signed completed assessment plan (in plastic wallet) | | 2.Review of City and Guilds | | 3.Discussion with Assessor | | 4.Completed assessment form | | 5.Reflective journal | | 6.Checklist signed and completed | | Assessment plan issued date by: | Assessor:Learner: | Date: | | Assessment plan submission plan agreed by: | Assessor:Learner:Read More4dep 1684 Words   |  3 PagesProfessional Areas, 8 Behaviours and 4 bands of Competence. fig 1. The Professional areas Describes what the HR professional needs to do (activities) †¢ Core These apply to all HR professionals, regardless of role, and define how the can sustain organisational performance. †¢ Function These focus more on specialist areas within an organisation. Behaviours Describes the behaviours needed to carry out theRead MoreEssay on HLTA ASSIGNMENT 1925 Words   |  4 Pageschildren teenagers, special needs or gifted and talented. It is also recommended that HLTAS have a sound knowledge of ICT to allow this to be implanted across the curriculum and in order to adhere to certain procedures within the school such as using behaviour programmes online or for cross curriculum to be implanted. Policies and procedures are also required for HLTAS to be aware of and able to draw upon when and if needed, also to allow HLTAS to know the policies the school has on safeguarding, bullyingRead MoreThe Legislation Regarding Safeguarding And Chid Protection1431 Words   |  6 Pagesas a child protection concern when there are possible reasons to suspect the child’s suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. To address and overcome the potential harm of bullying every setting has behaviour policy and anti-bullying policy and procedures. In my setting Behaviour and preventing and tackling bullying policies help individuals working with children: †¢ Identify what is bullying. †¢ Understand seriousness of bullying, both physical and emotional †¢ Identify the proceduresRead MoreLeon Festingers Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance1500 Words   |  6 Pagesdissonance in the world of social psychology. Throughout I will discuss the establishment of his theory, it’s supporting evidence and any limitations of this. I will also deliberate what it can explain and the alternative explanations presented by other psychologists; how they differ from Festinger’s, how they add to Festinger’s original theory and finally how they extend the knowledge in understanding the interaction between thoughts and actions to question the position of rivalry over cohesion betweenRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Development1598 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough childhood, and reaching maturing in adolescence, of being male or female, or of the gender associated with one’s biological sex†. Gender role is defined as â€Å"a set of behaviour patterns, attitudes, and personality characteristics stereotypically perceived as masculine or feminine within a culture† (Colman, 2009). Understanding gender development is important because the perception of gender identity affects the roles individuals play in society. If the reason behind the gender differences can be

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International Terrorism - the Worlds Greatest Challenge...

International Terrorism – The World’s Greatest Challenge Today Today the threat of terrorism is becoming more and more serious. Terrorism is considered the greatest threat against the safety of the world, and especially the USA, today. The extent of the terrorism has increased significantly over the last couple of years, since the terrorist attacks against the US on the 11th of September 2001. After these attacks former president of the US, George Bush declared a war against terrorism. There are various opinions about what can be defined as terrorism. Because there are so many situations that can be defined as terrorism, it is be very difficult to find an exact definition. Many countries have different definitions, and the†¦show more content†¦Two of them were flown into the two main buildings of the World Trade centre in New York. One airplane was crashed into the Pentagon, and the last airplane crash-landed in a field in Pennsylvania. After these attacks the USA decided to attack Afghanistan. The leader of Al-Qaida is Osama Bin Laden who has been hiding from the US troops ever since the war started. The reasons for Al-Qaida’s actions are based on the Islamic â€Å"Sharia† – laws. They want to fight the states they consider a threat against Islam, and especially the USA and Israel. The Al-Qaida leaders encourage all Muslims to kill American citizens, both military and civilians. We can separate the terrorist actions into two main groups; local and international terrorism. Local terrorism consists of actions such as suicide missions, car bombings and so on. International terrorism is actions where the citizens and/or territory of several countries are affected. There are many situations that can lead to the use of terrorism. Terrorism can occur in both poor as well as wealthy countries, and in both democracies and states under different kinds of dictatorship. However, terrorism is most likely to occur in countries that are characterized by poverty and oppression. People in poor countries might feel like they are subjected to an unfair distribution of the world’s wealth. Poverty is claimed to be an underlying part of all the causes of terrorism. Terrorism is a global issue that hasShow MoreRelatedThe Fundamentals Of Globalization On The National Security Strategy 20151632 Words   |  7 Pagescritical aspects in which, global economic malaise and violet extremism can adversely affect two of the four interests. Those two interests are the security of US citizens and allies, and a strong and prosperous international economy. Violet extremism is by far the greatest challenge of the two. Globalization is an appealing concept that has many various interpretations and definitions. Globalization is the expanding connectivity and interconnectedness between diverse geographic nations to increaseRead MoreTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism1586 Words   |  7 Pagesand writers are writing about the biggest threats of the world. Several reports are also made to understand the recent global threats. In order to write something about the recent global threats, one word comes to our mind that is terrorism. Terrorism is related extremism, as terrorist people are extremists in their belief. Biggest terrorist group like ISIS is also an Islamic extremist group. In these years we have observed shameful actions in the name of religion. Conflicts between religiousRead MoreInternational Order : The United States1381 Words   |  6 Pages To start with, what is international order? International order can be defined as an order in which countries are ranked internationally. These countries are ranked based on their economy and GDP, their Geopolitical zone, hard power (army, navy, air force), soft power (diplomatic means, export, import). As of right now, the United States is ranked as the first country in the international economic order, and following the United States is China. This order is what controls the demand and the supplyRead MoreChanges in Europe Since the Fall of the Soviet Union, Effects and Issues.1399 Words   |  6 Pagesbut like every change it came with confusion and difficulty and left the people of Eastern Europe wanting answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Despite the gear towards democracy that had begun under soviet rule, it posed a challenge for many countries of Eastern Europe. While Gorbachev held power, policies such as the reconstructing of the Soviet Union, and reducing the censorship of information this newfound freedom had the people eager for more. When the Soviet Union CollapsedRead MoreGlobilization is the Enemy of Democracy Essay626 Words   |  3 Pagesexternal control by controlling cross-country negotiations. A demonstration like no other in Seattle last fall had two results. It paused the World Trade Organization and reintroduced the issue of globalization to the political scene. America today has a very healthy economy. Very low unemployment rates. Stock markets soaring with new highs nearly every day. Although many economist are arguing contrarily to what’s factual. Some economist believe that our economy is entering a new stage ofRead MoreThe Middle East1388 Words   |  6 PagesArmageddon in the Middle East. Populations reduced to dust by nuclear war. International actors drawn into tense conflict and potentially world-altering violence. These are the fears held by the U.S. and Israel when considering the possibility of Iranian nuclear weapons. However, the attitudes of the Obama administration in discussing potential deals with Iran have demonstrated a change in the U.S. strategy when interacting with an Iranian regime that desires nuclear capability. In recent monthsR ead MoreThe Internet And Its Effects On The Environment1538 Words   |  7 Pagescriminals, terrorists, or foreign espionage for their own purposes. The movement of the nature of threats from physical to virtual dimensions has created a major shift in the development of strategies by the government around the world to meet the new challenges. In 2010, the Canadian government has published â€Å"Canada s cyber security strategy: For a stronger and more prosperous Canada†, a strategic platform to secure the Canadian cyberspace. However, although embracing cyber technology and obtain considerableRead MoreInsurance and Lloyd Essay2263 Words   |  10 Pagesorganisation to remain the leading insurance market. Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the presentation. Today, I am going to discuss the following question: †How being constantly original supports Lloyd’s to remain the leading insurance market?† Before I start describing and analyzing the true effect of this unique brand idea on maintaining the status of Lloyd’s as the world’s leading specialist insurance market, we need to understand what it really stands for. Being constant is aboutRead MoreA Great Matter Of Concern Today Or Just A Bust?1667 Words   |  7 Pages A Great Matter of Concern Today or Just a Bust? Marvin Patani Communications Essentials – COMM1016-41 Professor Mark Dorsey Wednesday, October 29, 2014 â€Æ' A Great Matter of Concern Today or Just a Bust? While India is on the verge of being the most populated country. While the third world countries are deprived of their resources rapidly. People in the United States have to say that the problem of over population has been curbed and infant production rateRead MoreThe Impact of Climate Change Upon Australia Essay3661 Words   |  15 Pagesaction to cut carbon emissions is not taken. This paper recognizes that climate change, which can be defined as the gradual increase in temperature caused by the increased production of carbon dioxide, presents a fundamental national security challenge. This paper recognises that the Australian climate has increased significantly since 1910. Evidence is provided to suggest that Australia has a climate-sensitive economy, as the variations in climate and damage caused by extreme weather conditions

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Colonial history of the United States Free Essays

The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization of America until their incorporation into the United States. In the late 16th century, England, France, Spain and the Netherlands launched major colonization programs in eastern North America. [l] Small early attempts† such as the English Lost Colony of Roanoke†often disappeared; everywhere the death rate of the first arrivals was very high. We will write a custom essay sample on Colonial history of the United States or any similar topic only for you Order Now Nevertheless successful colonies were established. European settlers came from a variety of social and religious groups. No aristocrats settled permanently, but a number of adventurers, soldiers, farmers, and tradesmen arrived. Diversity was an American characteristic as the Dutch of New Netherland, the Swedes and Finns of New Sweden, the English Quakers of Pennsylvania, the English Puritans of New England, the English settlers of Jamestown, and the â€Å"worthy poor† of Georgia, came to the new continent and built colonies with distinctive social, religious, political and economic styles. Occasionally one colony took control of another (during wars between their European parents). Only in Nova Scotia (now part of Canada) did the conquerors expel the previous colonists. Instead they all lived side by side in peace. There were no major civil wars among the 13 colonies, and the two chief armed rebellions (in Virginia in 1676 and in New York in 1689-91) were short-lived failures. Wars between the French and the British†the French and Indian Wars and Father Rale’s War†were recurrent, and involved French support for Wabanaki Confederacy attacks on the frontiers. By 1760 France was defeated and the British seized its colonies. The four distinct regions were: New England, the Middle Colonies, the Chesapeake Bay Colonies (Upper South) and the Lower South. Some historians add a fifth region, the Frontier, which was never separately organized. [l] By the time European settlers arrived around 1600-1650, the majority of the Native Americans living in the eastern United States had been decimated by new diseases, introduced to them decades before by explorers and sailors. How to cite Colonial history of the United States, Papers

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Speaking Truth to Power free essay sample

â€Å"No, not everyone has a father,† proclaimed the six year old girl. Since my conception my identity has been influenced by an unusual circumstance, which is my definition of family: my mother and myself. My being is credited to an anonymous male donor. Despite popular belief, donor is not synonymous with father. I have shared this fact frequently, most often to correct people’s assumptions about the idea of â€Å"family.† As I have grown and continually faced and responded to assumptions in regards to myself and my family, I have acquired the confidence to embrace my difference as an asset. Kindergarten and first-grade were magnificently ordinary at my private and diverse elementary school. It was just as common for a student to have two dads or two moms as it was to have one dad and one mom. No one questioned why I only had one parent as the school welcomed many blended families. We will write a custom essay sample on Speaking Truth to Power or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page But when I enrolled in public school in a traditional middle class community where Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day were celebrated like national holidays, perceptions shifted. I began receiving questions: â€Å"Why is your family tree only half completed?† â€Å"Did your dad die?† â€Å"Why weren’t you at the father-daughter dance?† Tentative and fearful of rejection, I avoided answering. As time progressed and the questions persisted, my six year old self hesitantly confronted curiosity and conjectures by sharing my truth. To my surprise, some people refused to accept my definition of family. I was met with support and understanding as well as disbelief. Although it didn’t keep me up at night, I began to realize that my situation made some people uncomfortable. I interpreted the visible discomfort of some adults as distaste, and wondered if their judgement of what was natural and normal excluded me. Surrounded by a majority of â€Å"tradi tional† mom-dad families, I knew my world was different. I was uncharacteristically silent and awkward in new situations. I wasn’t sure how to respond to commonplace phrases (â€Å"take this home to your mom and dad†) or outright assumptions (â€Å"everybody has a father†). The environment of middle school encouraged and fostered conformity. Normality was embraced and differences hidden. Although few comments were directed at me, I was aware and terrified that my difference would be exposed in certain environments, especially in Spanish class, which required partners to create a presentation about a classmates’ family. When I was partnered with my good friend, I was beyond relieved. I wouldn’t have to explain that I didn’t have a father as he already knew! My anxiety emerged again when the projects were presented in class. Head down, I listened to my partner’s quick presentation where no dad was mentioned. As I stared at the floor listening to the description of my mom in Spanish, I realized that my silence out of fear of rejection showed shame and ignominy. High school opened doors of acceptance. Now it was Gender and Sexuality Alliance Day that was celebrated like a national holiday. As people started embracing their differences, I began to feel more comfortable sharing mine. When my basketball coach inquired about my family junior year, I confidently stated, â€Å"My family is my mom, who is a single mother by choice.† My coach responded â€Å"Is your father in the picture?† After explaining that I had a donor rather than a father, my coach apologized profuselyfor â€Å"asking too much.† With Anita Hill’s words in mindâ€Å"speaking truth to power†my internal thoughts, experiences, and responses that had been brewing ever since I entered public school finally came to fruition. With pride, I expressed my love for my family and insisted that my coach should not apologize for inquiring about it. At this moment I finally realized that differences are an empowering asset. My social anxiety transformed to personal acceptance and social advocacy for others. I embrace the freedom.